Counterclockwise Intelligent Time Relay

Product Details

SNG intelligent time relay

SNG intelligent time relay is intelligent double row four-LED display meter, it is operated with three-keys, have the function of single setting、double setting time. Parameters set isfast, symbols display is  simple. The meter adopts the imported super anti-chip design, quality is reliable.

Ⅰ、Technical specification:

1.Clock accuracy:class 0.005%F.S

2.Relay output contact capacity: AC220V 5A (resistance load)

3.Work power :AC85~242V 50/60Hz 

4.Time range:0~9999second or 0~9999minute

5.Work environment: temperature 0~50℃, humidity≤85%RH  without corrode and strong electric radiation

6.Overall size and installation hole (mm):  48×48×90 ;   44×44

Ⅱ、Panel description(consult)