Single Time Control Digital Display Time Relay 20-22

Product Details

S series Digital Time Relay

Numeral display style relay adopt CPU and 3-LED display ,it applies special technique to resist interference in order to prolong the connection with the electricity,the relay has set by hour ,minute and second, it has advantage of accuracy ,long lifetime and low consumption,steady and reliable quality.It can be used under all kinds of occasion as metallurgy,electronic,machinery,textile,plastic,medical treatment,electric oven and toast oven,i.e. 

Ⅰ、Performance Indexes

1、Display method:3-LED display directly the time;

2、clock accuracy:class 0.005%F.S

3、display precision:0.1s、0.1min、0.1h or 1s、1min、1h

4、Control range:9.99、99.9 or 999 ;

5、Working power :AC220V/50HZ 

6、external dimensions(mm):48×48×90  hole size:44×44

7、Power consumption:﹤3W 

8、Output contact capacity:AC220V  3A(resistance load)

9、Working circumstance:temperature0~50℃,humidity﹤85%RH without corrosive gas occasion.