Double Time Control Digital Display Time Relay

Product Details

JSS20-48(2*99HMS) Digital Time Display Relay

JSS20-48-(2*99HMS) Digital Time Display Relay is the type of prolonging the connection with the electricity and one of the newly control instruments during these years,The relay adopt CPU and 4-LED display,it applies component AC 60HZ,operating voltage is 220V ,and control the circuit during the scheduled time.

Ⅰ、Technical Index

1、Display method:4-LED display directly the time;

2、Distinguish ability:1s、1min、1h;

3、Control Range:1S~99H;

4、Setting method:Second(S)、Minute(M)、hour(H)can set by selection freely;

4、Power supply:AC85~242V/24V   50Hz  

5、Power consumption:﹤3W 

6、Output trigger capacity:AC220V  3A(resistance negative carry)

7、Working circumstance:temperature 0~50℃,humidity﹤85%RH without corrosive gas situation.


According to the dimension open a hole in the installation hole, install the time relay into the installation hole with a frame. 

Overall dimension(mm):48×48×125         Hole size(mm):45×45

Ⅲ、Panel and connection(consult)