Knob Pointer Temperature Controller 2001

Knob Pointer Temperature Controller 2001
Product Details

TED-2001 temperature controller

TED-2001 temperature controller applies special technique to resist interference and adopts digital display of measure temperature and method of ON/OFF control. It has high precision、good reliability、strong cushioning、easy installation and so on. This controller is widely used as temperature measurement and control automatically in light and heavy industry ,such as ,metallurgy、chemical、electronic、machinery、textile、plastic、refrigeration、medical treatment、electric oven and so on..

A.Technical specification:

1.Input: E

2.Range: 0 to 400℃

3.Accuracy: display less then ±2.5%F·S ±1B, temperature control less than 1.5%F·S

4.Contact capacity: 220VAC, 5A(dissipative load)

5.Power voltage: AC85~242V  50Hz/60Hz 

6.Power consumption: <3W

7.Working environment: Temperature: 0~50℃;

relative humidity: < 85%RH, without corrode gas.

8.Overall size and installation hole(mm): 72×72×130、    68×68;

B.Connection Scheme(consult):