Universal Input Type Intelligent Temperature Controller

Product Details

XMT*308 Series intelligent temperature controller

Ⅰ、Main Technical Indexs

1、Measurement deviation:±0.5F·S±1 ,Cold end compensating deviation±1℃

2、Input type(range):CU50(-50~150.0)、PT100(-199.9~600.0)、K(-30~1300)、E(-30~700)、J(-30~900)、T(199~400)

3、Relay output contact capacity: 7A(resistance load)

4、Dring solid relay signal output:driving electric current ﹥15mAvoltage >12V,period is 2S

5、Driving controllable pulse output:>100mA,instantaneous big is 1A


7、Work environment:temperature 0~50.0℃, relative humidity≤85%RH, without corrode and strong electric radiation.

Ⅱ、Instrument panel and connection scheme 

Instrument panel(consult)


connection scheme(consult)