Single Input Type Intelligent Temperature Controller 3000

Product Details

XMT*- 3000 Series temperature controller      

XMT*-3000 Series temperature control instrument can replace the traditional pull yards -type or potentiometer type digital display meter, which uses the touch buttons can freely set, single-row LED display, with a fixed PID control or NO/OFF return difference control can elect, and return difference is adjustable, also have sensor error correction function. The instrument have a reliable control performance, cost-effective and wide application and so on.

Ⅰ、Technical Indexs:

1、Input type and measuring range:

 K(0~1300℃)  E(0~800℃) S(400~1600℃)  J(0~1000℃) 

B(800~1800℃)Pt100(-50.0~200.0℃; -200~600℃)   Cu50(-50.0~150.0℃)

Note: The instrument input type and measuring range subject to the meter label.

2、Display accuracy:±1%F·S±1B    Additional cold junction compensation error≤2℃

3、Control mode:ON/OFF control(return difference is adjustable)or PID control

4、Setting range of return difference: 1~20℃,

5、Control proportion band(P):±9℃ or ±0.9℃ when temperature display has decimal point.

6、PID control period:30 seconds

7、Sensor error translation scope amendment:-20~20℃

8、Output mode:Relay contact capacity AC220V/5A;

     Drivng solid relay signal:driving electric current ≥ 15mA,voltage ≥ 9V

9、Power:AC85~242V  50Hz/60Hz   

Power consumption: less than 3W or other according to customer requirement

10、Work environment:temperature 0~50.0℃, relative humidity ≤ 85%RH, without corrode and strong electric radiation.