Intelligent Wifi Temperature Controller

Product Details

XMT*608 series Intelligent Temperature Controller


Thanks for your selection of our XMT*608 series intelligent temperature controller.

XMT*608 series intelligent temperature controller,is double row 3-LED display, respectively display  temperature measurement value (PV) and temperature set value (SV) under normal mode;When it is time temperature control, respectively display temperature measurement value (PV) and running time count down (SV),and also provide kinds of time control method selection;The controller can input kinds of signal which are used interchangeably,it adopt ON/OFF(P=0)、PID control,allowing an easy parameter setting and convenient inputting,is widely used over temperature automatic control systems of machinery、chemical、ceramics、light industrial、metallurgy、petrifaction and heat treatment and so on.

Ⅱ、Main technical Indexes

1、Measurement deviation:±0.5F·S±1,additional cold end compensating deviation±1℃

2、Input(can be selected):CU50(-50~150)、PT100(-80~600)、K(-30~999)、E(-30~700)、


3、Relay output (passive) contact capacity: AC250V 5A(resistance load)  

                                                                      period 2~120s can be adjusted.

4、Time range:0~999s or 0~999m(can be selected)

5、Driving solid relay signal output:Driving electric current >15mA  no-load voltage>12V,period is about 2S.

6、Work power:110V~242V,50HZ    Power consumption<3W

7、Work environment:0~50℃,relative humidity≤85%,without corrode and strong electric radiation.

Ⅲ、Controller panel 

1、Controller panel(for reference)                               2、Connection(for reference)


Controller’s specific connection should be confirm to the case’s connection

Ⅳ、Meaning of the model code

                  XMT □—6    □     8      □

                    1  2     3     4       5     

1: the external dimension 

Blank: 160×80×85    Installation hole 156×76      

       A: 96×96×80      Installation hole 92×92

       D: 72×72×80     Installation hole 68×68        

       E: 48×96×75     Installation hole 44×92

       F: 96×48×75     Installation hole 92×44         

       G: 48×48×110    Installation hole 44×44

       S: 80×160×85    Installation hole 76×156        

       B:60×120×90    Installation hole 56×116

       L:Standard DIN35mm guide way installation             

       C:80×120×35   wall set installation 

2: Operation display method:‘6’ 3-key gentle push-switch setting,double row 3-LED digital display,PID control.

3:Additional alarm:

‘0’  no alarm;   

‘1’  upper limit alarm(upper deviation alarm when it is time temperature control) 

4:Input: ‘8’ input signal can interchange free(no voltage and current input)

5:Suffix Blank:relay output   G:solid relay output   T:Time control function