Intelligent RS485 Communication Temperature Controller

Product Details

XMT*808 series meter serial communication interface agreement 

、Interface specification

The meter use serial communication interface, the interface according with the RS485 standard stipulation. The data format is 1 start bit, 8 bit data, have no check digit, 1 or 2 stop bit. The communication baud rate is 1200,2400,4800,9600,19200.

The RS485 communication interface only have two wires can contact the meter and computer. The RS485 uses the photoelectricity isolation technology, when the meter’s communication partial damage or the mainframe have fault, the meter still could measure and control, and can use the meter keyboard to operate the meter. The 16 check digit not only guarantee data reliability, and guarantee when the communication is anomaly, the meter and the computer still could normally to work. Use the RS485 can contact 1-101 pieces meter to one serial interface.

、Communication instruction

The meter uses 16 scale data format expresses each kind directive code and the data. The software communication instruction only has two: one is the Reads instruction; the other is the writes instruction. 

、Main technical specification:

◆ Basic deviation:±0.5%F.S±1B    

◆ Cold end compensating deviation:≤±2.0℃

◆ Sampling cycle:0.5S

◆ Control cycle: relay output 2~120s and can be adjusted 

◆ Relay output contact capacity: AC220V/5A(resistance load)

◆ Driving solid relay signal output:driving electric current≥15mA,voltage≥9V

◆ Power: AC85V~242V(switching supply), 50/60Hz,or the other special request.

◆ Working condition: temperature 0~50.0℃, relative humidity≤85%RH, without corrode and strong electric radiation.

、Model Sense:

     XMT □   8  □  8  □  (J)

     (1)  (2)(3) (4)(5) 

(1) Meter faceplate and Installation dimension(mm):Blank: 160×80×130  156×76;   A: 96×96×110   92×92;    D: 72×72×110    68×68; E: 48×96×110   44×92;    F: 96×48×110   92×44;    S: 80×160×130   76×156;

G: 48×48×110   44×44

(2)Design serial number

(3)Alarm:“0”: no set alarm “1or2”: one alarm “3”: two group alarm “5”: voice alarm

(4)Input signal: “8”: Free exchange of the input signal

⑸Control method:‘blank’:relay contact output;  ‘G’:Solid state adjustment output;

、Panel description(consult):