Intelligent LCD Temperature Controller

Intelligent LCD Temperature Controller
Product Details

CJLC * 908 LCD series intelligent temperature controller

An overview

Instrument for liquid crystal display (LCD), controlled by MCU, thermal resistance, thermocouple, voltage, current, and other free input signal, ten kinds of alarm, manual switch, with a standard MODBUS RTU communication protocol, main control way in addition to the conventional two type, on the basis of traditional PID control algorithm, combined with fuzzy control theory to create a new artificial intelligence to adjust PID control algorithm, on the various systems, the instrument most of the parameter self-tuning can get satisfactory control effect, has no overshoot, strong resistance to disturbance, etc.

Second, the main technical indicators

1 basic error: plus or minus 0.5% or less F.S plus or minus 1 word

2 the cold end compensating error: plus or minus 2.0 ℃ or less 3 sampling period: 0.5 seconds

4 control cycle: relay output with the valve position control of the control cycle for 2 ~ 120 seconds is adjustable, the other for 2 seconds.

5 alarm output back to bad (not sensitive area) : 0.5 or 5

6 relay contact output: AC220V / 5 A (impedance load) or AC220V / 0.3 A (inductive load)

7 drive SCR pulse output: 3 v or higher amplitude, width of 50 mu S or zero or phase shift trigger pulse (Yin)

8 driving signal output: solid state relay drive current 15 ma or higher, voltage 9 v or higher

9 continuous PID adjusting analog output: 0 ~ 10 ma (500 + 200 Ω load), 4 ~ 20 ma (250 + 100 Ω load),

Or 0 ~ 5 v (100 k Ω load or greater), 1 ~ 5 v (load 100 k Ω or higher)

10 meter working power supply: AC85V ~ 242 v (switching power supply), 50/60 hz, or other special orders

11 work environment: the temperature of 0 ~ 50.0 ℃, relative humidity is not more than 85% of the places where no corrosive gas and no strong electromagnetic interference