Digital Display Floor Heating Temperature Controller

Product Details

XMTA-1001 digital temperature controller

XMTA-1001 series temperature controller applies special technique to resist interference and adopts digital display of measure temperature and method of time proportion control. It has high precision、good reliability、strong cushioning、easy installation and so on. This controller is widely used  as temperature measurement and control automatically in light and heavy industry ,such as ,metallurgy、chemical、electronic、machinery、textile、plastic、refrigeration、medical treatment、electric oven and so on..

A.Technical specification:

1、Input type:  K                       

2、Range: 0~400℃

3、Accuracy:  ≤ 1.0%FS ±1B      

4、Contact capacity: 220VAC, 7A(resistance load)

5、Power supply: AC85~242V , 50Hz    

6、Power consumption : < 3W

7、Overall size and installation hole : 96×96×85mm ; 92×92mm

8、Working environment: temperature: 0~50℃; relative humidity: <85% RH, without corrode gas .

B.Connection Scheme:


C. Method to use:

Connect the power and the sensor according to the connection Scheme,then it displays the actual measure temperature.

The terminals of ‘1’, ‘2’ are input of thermocouple signal, the terminals of ‘12’, ‘13’, ‘14’ are relay control output. “14” is higher, “13” is general, “12” is lower. The terminal of ‘15’, ‘16’ are power supply (AC85~242V). 

When the temperature-setting is higher than the indicated value, the general and lower voltages are connected, while general and higher voltages are disconnected with green indicator bulb lighting up; the setting is lower than the actual indication, the general-lower voltages are disconnected and the general-higher voltages are connected with the red indicator bulb lighting up.

D.The maintenance and attention of controller.

1.The controller should be installed in the condition without corrode gas.

2.Thermocouple should be put in the place where it can measure real temperature inside the furnace and has good insulation with heating element of furnace.

3.Before powering on the controller, please check it carefully to see if all connection is correct and if thermocouple can match with input type of controller. 

4.When heating initially, although the power of heating element inside furnace has been turned off, the temperature of furnace will keep going up because of the heating inertia inside furnace. So it is better to set about 80% of temperature you want to set normally before powering on the controller every time. After controller carry out “on-off control “for several times, then set temperature you want to set normally , so as to avoid over surging.  

5.If the controller displays abnormally, check the sensor to see if its connection is open circuit or short circuit, also check if the working voltage of controller is normal.