Digital Pointer Temperature And Humidity Meter

Digital Pointer Temperature And Humidity Meter
Product Details

TM-900 Series

Handy digital temperature thermometer 



size: 60*120*90 

TM-900 handset digital thermometer is an instrument for measure temperature value. It does introduce LCD display, higher precision and higher integration. It has excellences for weigh t lighter, volume smaller, take expedience and nice-looking in style etc, widely used in measure temperature.

Accuracy: 1.0

Input : thermocouple and thernresistance

Power supply: AC90-242V,  50Hz/60Hz  or 220V+-10%

External dimensions: 60*120*90mm

Model  type RangeNotes
TM-901K-100C~999.0 or -100C~1200Cwith sensor
TM-902PT100-200-800Cwithout sensor
TM-903NTC -20-150.0Cwith sensor