Handheld Temperature And Humidity Meter

Handheld Temperature And Humidity Meter
Product Details

Handset infrared rays used Thermometer 


This product is a type of professional handset infrared rays used Thermometer,not need to touch with testing object ,with facility-using,stability-design,exactitude-measurement,wide-measuring range.It has laser ranging,apheliotropic display,automatic numerical reading lock-in and automatic tailoff.

This product can be applied to those could’t be measured by tradition method of measurement which needing touch object surface(such as moving object,electrified surface and hard-touched object.)

This product can be used in the food detection,security detection,fire detection,injection molding,vessel,spray-paint,ink and maintenance of diesel engine.


1、Exactitude-measurement with untouched         

2、laser ranging implement

3、automatically choose measurement range,the resolution0.1ºor 1º .

4、℃/℉conversion button

5、automatic numerical value maintenance and automatic tailoff

6、compare of infrared measure temperature space and object aim: (D:S=8:1)

7、Owns apheliotropic LCD display screen

Ⅲ、Technique Index

Measure range:-4℉~968℉                    -20℃~520℃

prection:±2℃(±3℉)or 2% reading

Repeatability:2% or 3℉

Responsive time:500ms,95%

Light spectrum response:7~18 um

Emissivity :0.95

Working environment: Working temperature:0℃~41℃

Relative humidity:10~95% RH

Without coagulation,<30℃

Store Temperature:-20℃~50℃

Weight: about 150g (without battery)



Battery life :about 12hours

Compare between Distance and  Spot diameter: 8:1

Safe Guard Requirement:

①Please use the product carefully when laser light beam is open ;

②Don’t pierce laser light beam to the eyes of man or animal ;

③Don’t reflex laser light beam to man’s eyes from the object surface ;

④Don’t pierce laser light beam to any explosive gas

Ⅳ、Using method