Intelligent PID Temperature And Humidity Controller

Product Details

XMT*9007 temperature & humidity control meter                

Ⅰ. General introduction

The XMT*9007 temperature & humidity meter is a new intelligent meter based on the computer technique. It adopts a 2-row digital tube system to make a synchronous display of both the humidity measured value and the temperature measured value. Every datum concerned used for control purpose can be keyed in from the top panel which is accompanied by an actual time display. The temperature measurement sensor selects PT100, the humidity measurement selects high molecular sensor. This meter  has  a free setting temperature value for heating time proportional control or ON/OFF control (the temperature upper limit), and for cool  ON/OFF control (the temperature lower limit); in addition, this meter also has a ON/OFF control system by a free setting of  the upper and lower limits of the humidity. The meter is a high accuracy and high integrity meter for measuring temperature and humidity.

II. Main Technical Specifications

1.Accuracy: Temperature measurement accuracy +0.5%F.S+1.0character

                   Humidity measurement accuracy + 3%F.S+1.0 character

2.Dry temperature measurement range: -50.0~200.0℃

3.Time proportional range: 1%-10%

4.Effective humidity measurement range: 5%-95%RH

5.Contact output capacity: 220V 5A(resistive)

6.Data-retention time at power breakage: More than 10 years

7.Working power: AC85~242V     50~60Hz     Power consumption: less than 5W

8.Normal working ambience: Temperature: 0-50℃;

Relative humidity: 35%-85% non-corrosive gas occasion  

9.After the power is connected, if the upper window displays “HH”or “LL”, or the lower window displays “100%”, please check up whether the wire of the sensor is broken, or  a case of short circuit or other problem, such as wrong connection, etc.

Ⅲ. The frontal arrangement of the instrument