Digital Display Step Temperature And Humidity Controller

Product Details

WS-01A  temperature and humidity control instrument

Ⅰ、Main Technical Indexs

1、precision:temperature ±1.0%F·S±1b    humidity±2%F·S±1b

2、Relay output contact capacity:AC220V/ 7A

3、control mode:ON/OFF 

4、sensor type:CU50+macromolecule

5、Range of the temperature :CU50(-19.9~150℃) Range of the humidity:0~100%RH

6、External dimension(mm):160×80×85    hole:156×76

7、Power supply:AC85~242V  50Hz 

8、Work environment:temperature 0~50.0℃, relative humidity≤85%RH, without corrode and strong electric radiation.

Ⅱ、Instrument panel and connection scheme