Digital Display PID Temperature And Humidity Controller

Digital Display PID Temperature And Humidity Controller
Product Details

XMT9007LWT(curve)temperature and humidity record meter

Ⅰ、technology  standard: 

1、Accuracy :Temperature measurement accuracy±0.5%F·S±1.0character,

Humidity measurement accuracy±2%F·S±1.0character

2、Dry temperature measurement range:-50.0~150.0℃;Effective humidity measurement:5%~95%RH;

Return differencerange:0~20;correctional range of error:±20。

3、Data-retention time at power breakage:More than 10 years.

4、Working power: 220VAC±10%  50HZ  Power consumption is less than 5W

5、Normal working ambience:Temperature 0~50℃,Relative humidity 35%~85%corrosive gas-free space

6、After the power is connected,please,check if the wire of the sensor is broken,or if a case of short

circuit or other problem,such as wrong connection, case“----”or “----”,or “100% humidity ”

is always displayed in both the upper and lower row windows respectively. 

Ⅱ、The frontal arrangement of the instrument