Temperature Paper Recorder

Temperature Paper Recorder
Product Details

1) The temperature controller (recorder) is XMT-808, 908, with miniature printer and pack it. Fix time to print, it can check the moment time.

The measured deviation: ± 0.5F. S ± 1, additional cold end compensation deviation ± 1oC

The relay output contact capacity: 10A the resistance load

Solid relay driving signal: The electric current is more than 15mA, empty voltage is more than 12V, the period is about 2S.

Controllable silicon contact signal when it exceed zero: More than 100mA, when it is instant it reach the utmost

Power supply: AC85~242V, 50Hz/ 60Hz

The working condition: Temperatre 0~50oC, relative humidity≤ 85%RH, without corrode and electric radiation

External dimensions: 200x200x160mm; 200x100x260mm

Recorder: AC85~242V, 50/60Hz

Measured deviation: 0.5F. S

Size: 200*200*160mm