Temperature And Humidity Paper Recorder

Temperature And Humidity Paper Recorder
Product Details

The XMT9007-8 temperature & humidity instrument is an intelligence instrument based on the computer technique. It adopts a 2-row digital 8 high-light 7 sect LED and synchronous display both the humidity and drying temperature measured. The control parameters can be set by panel and displayed in real-time.

The user can choose below functions:

1. Sensor: PT100 sensor for temperature measurement, PT100 OR high molecular sensor for the humidity measurement.

2.Control mode: PID and on/off mode for heat and humidity control. On/off mode for cool control. On/off control is convenient for using; PID control can improve the meter control precision.

3. Serial communication: The computer can make a long-distance control to the meter by RS485 serial module.

4. Print function: The meter can regularly print annals and sample value of temperature and humidity by connecting mini printer.

II. Main Technical Specifications

1. Accuracy: Temperature measurement accuracy +0.5%F. S+1.0character Humidity measurement

accuracy + 0.2%F. S+1.0 character

2. Temperature measurement range: -50.0-150.0

3. Output relay: AC220V 10A

4. Power-off data-retention time: Over 10 years

5. Work Power: AC220V 10% 50Hz Power consumption less than 5W

6. Normal working ambience: Temperature: 0-50, Relative humidity: 35%-85% without corrosive gas-free space

7. Power on, in case"-----"or "----", or "100% humidity" is always displayed in both the upper and lower row windows respectively, please, check if the wire of the sensor is broken, or if a case of short circuit or other problem, such as wrong connection, etc.

Recorder: AC85~242V, 50/60Hz

Measured deviation: 0.5F. S

Size: 200*200*160mm