AC DC Ammeter

AC DC Ammeter
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AC DC Ammeter 


AC DC Ammeter is a type of multifunctional composite type meter.

Ⅱ、Main technical specification

1、Accuracy Class: 0.5F·S±1 class

2、Display Digit:4 

3、Reference Input:AC /AV:0~5A/0~500V   volts D.C.:0~199.9V   0~1000V

4、Power consumption:≤3W

5、Working power:AC85~242V,50HZ

6、Working circumstance:0~50℃,relative humidity≤85%,without corrode and electric radiation

7、Panel dimension:96×48mm 

Hole cutout dimension:92×44mm

Ⅲ、Panel board and connection 

1、Panel board