Intelligent PID Humidity Controller

Product Details

XMT*-607 series Humidity Controller


XMT*-607 series controller is dual row 3-LED display, to display the measured value and set value. It is operated with 3-keys, and the available control methods including on/off, PID control, with easy parameter setting,convenient information inputting and wide voltage power inputting, and so on .

Ⅱ、Main technical Indexes

1、Control Precision:±3%F·S±1B

2、Measurement range:5%~100%RH

3、Display precision:0.1%RH

4、Input type:Macromolecule  

5、Relay output(passive) contact capacity: AC220V 5A (resistance load)

6、Driving solid relay signal output:Driving electric current>15mA   

                                                          floating voltage>9V,period is 2S

7、Working power:AC85V~242V    Power consumption<3W

8、Working environment:0~50℃, relative humidity≤85%, without corrode and strong electric radiation.

Ⅲ、The meter panel and connection scheme(consult)


★Specific connection should confirm to the controller’s attached