Intelligent LCD Humidity Controller

Intelligent LCD Humidity Controller
Product Details

FC-071 Humidity control meter

Ⅰ、Main technical specification

1、input type: high molecule 

2、display range:0~99RH%                   

3、sensor error correct:-19.9~20.0  control difference:0.1~50.0℃

4、Relay output contact capacity:10A 240VAC

5、Power:(85~242)VAC   50Hz/60Hz

6、Environment Temperature: 0 to 50℃,  Humidity: ≤85%RH

7、Face size:76×34×72mm       hole size:60×23mm       

Ⅱ、operate method:

1、Fixed value setting:

press ▲ key or ▼key 3 second,you can adjust fixed value directness,press SET key save it and exit.after 10 second later, you not press any key autosave and exit

2、control difference setting(Hy):

Press SET key 3 second,the parameter sign and parameter value display by turns,press▲key or ▼ key revisability setting value,press the key long time ,it can be increase or decrease quickly.if you not press any key the meter will be autosave and exit,press SET key save and enter into sensor error‘SC’setting state.

3、sensor error correct(SC):

setting method idem. 

Ⅲ、control output:

when measure value<(Fixed value-Hy), output relay connect and the output light lighten;when measure value>(Fixed value+Hy), output relay disconnect and the output light not lighten .

Ⅳ、connect scheme